• 100 Mbps Download /
    100 Mbps Upload Fiber

    $68.00 per month
  • 3 Mbps Download /
    1 Mbps Upload

    $44.00 per month
  • 8 Mbps Download /
    2 Mbps Upload

    $54.00 per month
  • 10 Mbps Download /
    2 Mbps Upload

    $74.00 per month
  • 12 Mbps Download /
    2 Mbps Upload

    $94.00 per month
  • Phone Service

    $28.00 per month

PrineTIME Internet Solutions Billing and Privacy Policy

(1) Pricing Policy
PrineTIME Internet Solutions strives to provide you the account holder with a wide variety of products and services at day to day low prices. Prices are quoted in U. S. dollars and are valid only in the United States. The price shall be the quoted price for the product or service as shown on the Web site at the time when the account holder places the order, unless there is an obvious pricing error. Product/service prices listed do not include shipping charges, applicable sales taxes or insurance. Product/service prices may also vary from time to time depending on varying market conditions. Prices are not guaranteed. In addition, PrineTIME Internet Solutions reserves the right to correct pricing errors. We will do our best to fulfill all orders but we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular product or service or particular quantities of products. PrineTIME Internet Solutions reserves the right to discontinue the sale of any product or service listed at any time without notice.

(2) Terms of Sale
Billing for services ordered will begin once service is installed and activated. Delivery of products and services shall be made to the address as shown in the order form completed by the account holder. The account holder are now responsible for arrangements necessary to take proper delivery of the products and services. You shall be deemed to have accepted the products/services thirty (30) days from date of purchase or otherwise noted, unless you notify PrineTIME Internet Solutions otherwise. After thirty (30) days, you shall not be entitled to reject the products/services. You are responsible for shipping and handling costs to return any products received.

(3) Refund Policy
Upon activation of service it is the customers responsibility to notify PrineTIME Internet Solutions if you wish to cancel services. A refund will be pro-rated based on the amount of pre-payment and length of service. Cancellations will not be back dated.

(4) Billing Procedure
It is the responsibility of the account holder to provide current contact information. This includes but is not limited to email address, home phone, cell phone, and billing address. Any use of fraudulent information will be considered terms for immediate termination of service.
The service date is considered active at time of installation. Any cancelations done before this time will result in a full refund. If cancelations occur after the install date a pro rated charge will be calculated and a refund check will be sent if applicable. The installation charge is not considered refundable.
All payments are due upon receipt. If the account is two billing cycles past due
service will be suspended until payment is received in full, plus an additional $35.00 for a reactivation fee.

If the account is seriously delinquent and the PrineTIME equipment has been removed the account must be paid in full plus an additional $50.00 install fee.

At the discretion of PrineTIME seriously delinquent accounts will be
turned into a collections agency and the account will be closed.

PrineTIME Internet Solutions Privacy Policy
PrineTIME Internet Solutions is committed to protecting your privacy.
This Privacy Policy will provide information to you regarding how we collect and use your personal information, and about choices you have concerning our use of such information. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. From time to time, we may revise this Privacy Policy to address new issues or changes to our practices. These changes will be posted here so that you will always know our privacy policies. Please check this Privacy Policy periodically to see if there have been any revisions.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please send us an e-mail at or mail us at the following address:
976 NW 3rd Street
Prineville, OR  97754
Scope of Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy applies to PrineTIME Internet Solutions method of collection and use of information gathered by us for the customers that we serve on

We believe that protecting the security of your Personal Information is very important. Therefore, we have put strong security measures in place to attempt to protect your Personal Information. Access to Personal Information is limited to PrineTIME Internet Solutions employees or other authorized individuals, and a limited number of our fulfillment partners. Identities are verified by internal network access rules and application username/password pairs. Data fields that identify individuals are separated from non-sensitive data fields. Data identifying Personal Information is encrypted through use of industry standard AES encryption methods and practices. Data decryption keys are kept physically separate from encryption keys and encrypted data. Records are marked with tamper-proof authentication digests.

Information Collected by
Personal information (“Personal Information”) may include the following:

  • name
  • address
  • e-mail address
  • phone number(s)
  • credit card number and expiration date
  • computer system specs
  • gender (optional)
  • age (optional)
  • SSN or Drivers License Number (optional)

We may request Personal Information from you in connection with your use of, or participation in, the Web Site, including applications, registrations, suggestions or requests for additional information, or in connection with other services or resources provided on or through the Web Site. Personal Information is collected and stored on servers owned by PrineTIME Internet Solutions exclusively.

PrineTIME Internet Solutions does not sell Personal Information to third parties.
We reserve the right to provide or use your Personal Information in the following circumstances. We will release specific information about you or your account to comply with any valid legal process such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute or court order. We will also release specific information in special cases, such as if there is an attempted breach of the security of the Web Site, or a physical threat to you or others.