Acceptable Use Policy

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PrineTIME Acceptable Use Policy

PrineTIME asks that you read this policy carefully and fully. The object of this acceptable use policy is to act as an agreement between you the customer and PrineTIME Internet Solutions, an Oregon Limited Liability Company. If the customer fails to adhere to the following policy PrineTIME reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Internet service at any time.

Please find listed below the terms and services of the PrineTIME’s Acceptable Use Policy. By using the PrineTIME service you agree to these terms and conditions. PrineTIME can update this policy at any time without notice or forewarning. The acceptable use policy can be found at

1. In order to be an account holder you must be at least 18 years of age or older.

2. The customer who registers and is the contact for the PrineTIME service will be held solely responsible for enforcing the acceptable use policy at their location. This includes but is not limited to securing and monitoring all wireless devices. PrineTIME has a responsibility to hold the account holder liable for any violations to the acceptable use policy.

3. Any and all users are expected to abide by the acceptable use policy. It is also expected that the PrineTIME account holder will educate and enforce this acceptable use policy at the service location. PrineTIME will deal directly with the account holder and only the account holder in matters of infraction. If a resolution cannot be agreed upon suspension or termination of service can result.

4. Due to the varying nature of the Internet and the dynamic content on it PrineTIME cannot be held responsible for any offensive, unlawful, or harmful material. It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that any such material is regulated and should have adequate preventive measures in place to protect their infrastructure.

5. Using the PrineTIME service to distribute any material that is found to be offensive, abusive, obscene, hateful, or threatening constitutes a criminal act and is strictly prohibited. PrineTIME reserves to the right to make the sole decision on the classification of any such material.

6. Utilizing the PrineTIME service to transmit, distribute, or store any material that is considered unlawful by international law, the United States, the state of Oregon, or by common law is strictly prohibited. In addition to this any material found on PrineTIME servers are to be considered property of PrineTIME Internet Solutions and trademarked, use or redistribution of these materials in anyway is strictly forbidden.

7. It is the responsibility of the account holder to provide current contact information. This includes but is not limited to email address, home phone, cell phone, and billing address. Any use of fraudulent information will be considered terms for immediate termination of service.

8. The service date is considered active at time of installation. Any cancelations done before this time will result in a full refund. If cancelations occur after the install date a pro rated charge will be calculated and a refund check will be sent if applicable. The installation charge is not considered refundable.

9. All payments are due upon receipt. If the account is two billing cycles past due service will be suspended until payment is received in full, plus an additional $35.00 for a reactivation fee. If the account is seriously delinquent and the PrineTIME equipment has been removed the account must be paid in full plus an additional $50.00 install fee. At the discretion of PrineTIME seriously delinquent accounts will be turned into a collections agency and the account will be closed.

10. Monthly charges will be determined at the time of installation. These fees will be based on the current packages available. Quarterly and yearly packages are available as well. In the event of a cancelation any unused time will be pro rated and a refund check will be mailed to the billing address PrineTIME has on file.

11. Any checks returned for non sufficient funds will automatically be charged $25.00 plus any additional legal or court fees.

12. The account holder and all devices at their location are expected to remain on their network. If there is an attempt to bypass security measures or access any data not intended for their specific use this will be considered a violation of the acceptable use policy and will be grounds for cancelation.

13. If the account holder or any of their affiliates attempt to disrupt the service of another PrineTIME account holder either by physically manipulating equipment or attempting to disrupt service electronically this will be considered a violation of the acceptable use policy and will be grounds for cancelation.

14. Account holders or their affiliates may not use any software either written or obtained via the Internet to disrupt any type of service. This includes service that is not on the PrineTIME network.

15. Any attempt to circumvent the security of the hardware owned or operated by PrineTIME will be considered a criminal offense. PrineTIME will cooperate fully with law enforcement and will prosecute to the fullest extend of the law.

16. Any type of harassment either physically or electronically will not be tolerated. PrineTIME will make the determination of harassment and if applicable turn any evidence into law enforcement for prosecution.

17. The forwarding of chain emails is prohibited, even if the recipient asks for the email to be sent.

18. Any attempt to send or disrupt any email service by using malicious emails is not acceptable. It is also the responsibility of the account holder to protect their environment against malicious emails. This includes but is not limited to keeping their systems up to date and utilizing either free or purchased anti virus software.

19. Manipulating email header information is prohibited and will be considered grounds for cancelation.

20. Distribution of materials which violate any local, state, or federal statutes is prohibited.

21. By utilizing the PrineTIME service the account holder and all affiliates agrees to the terms and conditions set forth in this acceptable use policy. This policy may change at the discretion of PrineTIME and no advanced warning need be given. It is the responsibility of the account holder to check for any changes. The acceptable use policy can be found at

22. The agreement between PrineTIME and the account holder will be governed and dictated by the state of Oregon.

23. As there is no contract in place for length of service either the account holder or PrineTIME may cancel service at any time. The account holder must contact PrineTIME by email at to cancel. If there is unused time a pro rated check will be sent to the billing address PrineTIME has on file unless otherwise requested by the account holder. If a contract has been drafted and agreed upon by PrineTIME and the account holder the binding contract will supersede the billing policy listed here.

24. By utilizing the PrineTIME service the account holder and all affiliates agree to monitoring of their service. These types of monitoring can be done for administration, tracking of illegal activity, and traffic shaping as required to ensure optimal performance of the PrineTIME network. PrineTIME has always and will continue to work with law enforcement to help prosecute any criminal activity. If during the service of our duty a fee is incurred PrineTIME will pass this fee onto the account holder.

25. All services belong to to PrineTIME and the reselling or redistribution of any services or good is strictly prohibited. Any violations of this will result in any monies received by the offending party to be considered the property of PrineTIME and should be paid immediately. A 2% per month interest charge will be included in the penalty for any reselling of services.

26. Any violation of the acceptable use policy by the account holder or their affiliates can result in the cancelation of service and no refund or pro rated amount will be rewarded. In addition to this PrineTIME reserves the sole discretion to terminate services for any violation not explicitly outlined in the acceptable use policy.

27. All equipment and software used to access the Internet is owned, operated and maintained by PrineTIME. PrineTIME expects access to this equipment to perform any services that are necessary.

28. Any attempt to disrupt or retard any other subscribers service either physically or electronically will be considered a breach of the acceptable use policy and will result in cancelation.

29. The PrineTIME service is intended and designed to be a personal Internet connection. Using the service as a server program or hosting any multi-user services is strictly prohibited. Uses and protocols that are not designed to be broadcast include but are not limited to dhcp/irc/ftp/mail/http and web hosting. The hosting of web servers, forums and game servers are also prohibited.

30. Account holders may not create, host, or publish any software that may be harmful to other systems. This includes but is not limited to viruses, trojan horses, worms, zombies or any other harmful components.

31. Account holder may not import, export, re-export, or host any material classified as copyrighted. The account holder must first obtain licenses or permission before handling any such copyrighted material or information. Copyrighted material is any material considered to be copyrighted property of the owner under international and United States law.

32. Account holder and their affiliates may not impersonate PrineTIME personnel either physically or by representing themselves by electronic means. This includes but is not limited to chat rooms, e-mail, or any type of social media. Any attempt to impersonate PrineTIME staff to gain private information or to represent PrineTIME Internet Solutions will be considered a violation of the acceptable use policy and service will be immediately terminated. In addition to this if any criminal activity has occurred PrineTIME will work with law enforcement to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

33. Using PrineTIME services to either knowingly or unknowingly send spam email messages is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to spamming for commercial use. It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that any such activity is regulated and monitored. PrineTIME will work with any and all anti spamming agencies to ensure that services are not impaired by such activity.

34. The account holder and their affiliates are responsible for any content they publish to the Internet. PrineTIME will not be held responsible for any harmful or damaging actions that occur from the publishing of any such material.

35. The account holder agrees to indemnify PrineTIME Internet Solutions and it’s officers and employees for any harmful action received from accessing the Internet. The account holder will take preventive measures to ensure their privacy is maintained. This includes but is not limited to ensuring their hardware and software have the latest security measures installed including ant virus software.

36. PrineTIME is responsible for our equipment only. This includes any and all data that is stored on them. Any account holder information will not be backed up or maintained in anyway. It is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that a redundant copy of any and all valuable information is backed up on some type of acceptable media and stored in a safe location.

37. PrineTIME does not provide any type of warranty either written or implied. PrineTIME will make a best case effort to ensure Internet connectivity but due to the complex nature of the Internet no such warranty exists. PrineTIME does strive to reduce all outages to the smallest time frame and will perform maintenance during off peak hours to ensure as little disruption as possible. PrineTIME will also give as much advanced notice as possibly either using emails, or by posting maintenance windows on the web site at

38. The PrineTIME service is considered a personal Internet connection and should be utilized as such. PrineTIME cannot be held responsible for any harmful action imposed on the account holder by utilizing the Internet or for a loss of wages should Internet connectivity be disrupted.

39. This acceptable use policy is in compliance with the laws and guidelines of the United States and the state of Oregon. If it is found that any part of this acceptable use policy is not in accordance with state or federal laws the remaining agreement will remain in full effect. If there are any disputes PrineTIME will work to resolve them quickly and efficiently. If a resolution cannot be obtained PrineTIME will be governed by the laws of the state of Oregon.

40. Static and dynamically assigned IP addresses are not the property of the account holder and therefore cannot be transferred. PrineTIME retains all rights and privileges to these addresses and can modify them as they deem necessary.