Testimonal 2

I’ve lived and worked in many different locations on both East and West Coasts over the last 20 years.

In most of these urban settings I was saddled with various cable companies—at work and home—as my only option for alleged high speed internet.

Imagine my surprise that by moving to Central Oregon’s outback I would have—along with miles and miles of puckerbrush and the occasional Flicker and Mountain Bluebird—honest to god high speed internet access.

Not only rock solid 5-10 MB but as high as the upper teens as well—though what anyone needs with 20MB of download bandwidth is beyond me.

The icing on the cake are the folks who keep it running reliably, answer the phones and keep accounts current.

Always good to talk to people who really enjoy what they do and do what they do competently.

In Central Oregon Prinetime Internet Solutions proves on a daily basis that buying local is not just a great option for veggies, cheese, meat and beer but the best option for internet service as well.